What Stock Chart Software Is Available for Download?

What Stock Chart Software Is Available for Download?

Some stock charting packages available for download include Worden TC2000, NinjaTrader, VectorVest and INO MarketClub. There are also a number of stock charting mobile apps available for download, including FRED Economic Data (for iPhone, iPad and Android devices), Daily Stocks (for iPad) and Stock Chart Patterns (for iPad). While some stock charting apps are free, some of the more heavily featured downloads can require a significant outlay.

Worden's TC2000 software package is suitable for people looking for American and Canadian stock charts. It has an emphasis on rapid access to current data as well as visual accessibility, allowing users to plot graphs and indicators and manage chart drawings.

With VectorVest, users can download market-specific packages, whether they are looking for data on Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, India or South Africa.

Among the mobile apps, DailyStocks for the iPad is expensive for most people. However, it is highly rated by users for its attractive interface and ease of use.

FRED Economic Data is also highly rated and free to download. It allows users to chart 34,000 international data series.

Stock Chart Patterns is cheap and simple, allowing users to view stock chart patterns as they have developed over the previous 10 days.