How Do You Find the Stock Analysis for DOW Chemical?


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Users can find a stock analysis for DOW Chemical on the Zacks and Nasdaq websites. These websites provide regularly updated stock data and free reports on the stock's performance. Users can also compare DOW Chemical's performance against its competitors, notes Zacks.

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To find the analysis for DOW Chemical from Zacks or Nasdaq:

  1. Find Dow Chemical's stock page
  2. Go to the Zacks or Nasdaq website and then use the website's search bar to search for the ticker symbol DOW. Zacks brings up Dow Chemical's data and analysis page immediately, while Nasdaq brings up a general stocks page for the symbol and requires clicking Guru Analysis on the side to see the actual analysis.

  3. Examine the analysis
  4. If using Zacks, scroll down to Premium Research for DOW and Premium Research: Industry Analysis to see Dow Chemical's stock rank, expected growth and value ratings, and a recommendation to buy the stock or not. If using Nasdaq, examine the scorecard displayed, which shows analyses of the stock's growth, momentum, value and other factors, notes Nasdaq.

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