What Is STNA Certification?

STNA certification is proof of a person's competence and experience to work as a state-tested nurse aide. This position is similar to that of the certified nurse aide, but it requires state-mandated training courses and evaluations in addition to those commonly covered by CNA education. As of 2015, only Ohio currently offers STNA certification.

In Ohio, the STNA training process includes 75 hours of educational courses that help nurse aides learn valuable skills including care for the hygiene of patients and recording and reporting information on patient care and recovery. Courses help nurse aides learn how to monitor key vital signs and know when to contact a doctor for urgent or immediate care as needed. This training includes classroom hours and hands-on instruction with certified aides. Regular courses and annual CPR training are required to maintain the certification.

Obtaining STNA certification allows the nurse aide to appear in the official state nurse aid registry, bolstering the certificate holder's ability to find work and making the nurse aide a highly sought-after resource for health care professionals in the state. Ohio offers reimbursement for those who complete STNA training and go on to take a job in a Medicaid- or Medicare-supported nurse facility in the state.