What Are the Steps to Start a Staffing Agency?

To start a staffing agency, licence and register the agency with local authorities in the area you are planning to operate, inquire about the tax plan, insure the agency, and learn about the guidelines of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Seek advice from experts before starting the business.

Contact your local office or check online to learn about the bureaucracy needed to register a staffing agency in your area. Register the name of your agency at the office, file the articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State, and then pay the registration fees. Once you register the business, inquire for the tax and employer identification numbers.

Consult an insurance agent to develop an insurance policy for your agency. Policies such as commercial insurance and general liability insurance coverage protect your organisation against unforeseen risks. Get workers’ comp insurance coverage if you plan to contract employees over a long period.

Get information on the taxes your company should contribute from a tax attorney or accountant, including business and employment tax plans. These taxes should be in accordance with the law. If your staffing agency contains more than 15 employees, follow the rules set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to provide fair employment opportunities and maintain compliance with the law.