What Are the Steps to Setting up Direct Deposit for Macy's Employees?


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Macy's employees can set up direct deposit for paychecks by requesting a copy of the company's direct deposit authorization form, which typically asks for the employee's bank account number along with the routing number and address for her bank. Some banks may also allow customers to sign up for direct deposit through online banking tools.

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The direct deposit process allows an employee to have the funds in her paycheck sent directly to her checking or savings account electronically rather than receiving a paper check during each pay period. Macy's offers employees this option upon request with no additional fees or wage garnishes, as long as the employee fills out the appropriate authorization form. The form typically requires the employee's full name along with the account number for her checking account and the ABA or routing number for her bank, both of which appear on bank-issued personal checks. She also needs to provide the address of her local bank branch so that the company's financial department may process the forms appropriately.

Certain banks may offer customers online access to direct deposit services by logging into personal banking accounts. The authorization section may appear under the Accounts section or within a separate area for additional services. If the bank offers the service, the customer still needs to provide the account number for the account in which she wants to receive the funds along with the name and address of her employer.

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