What Are Some Steps to Set up a MyOchsner Account?


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Steps to set up a MyOchsner account include simply requesting an activation code or entering the activation code received in the registration letter online, explains Ochsner. Patients may be issued an activation code during their clinic visit. A patient must enter this code and his date of birth to register.

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Once a patient obtains his 15-digit activation code, he is able to complete the process to set up a MyOchsner account. A MyOchsner account allows patients to personalize and secure certain portions of their medical record online. Patients can manage and receive information regarding their health, explains Ochsner.

Patients can also request and schedule medical appointments through their online MyOchsner account, view health summaries from the electronic health record, view test results and request to have prescriptions renewed. Patients can access health information resources and have the ability to communicate securely through electronic messages with their medical care teams, says Ochsner.

Patients also have the ability to pay their medical bills online through their MyOchsner accounts by using credit and debit cards. Due to a delay in billing processing, there is a minimum of four days between the time a patient has his appointment and the time his bill is visible on his MyOchsner account, explains Ochsner.

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