What Steps Do You Take to Register a New Business on MyTax Illinois?


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To register a business on MyTax Illinois, the tax payer identification number, owner or responsibility party's Social Security number, name and email address of the business must be provided. If the business is a sole proprietorship, the business owner's Social Security number, name and name of the business should be provided. For both types of businesses, a User ID and password must be created.

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When registering a sole proprietorship, if the owner has an existing WebFile PIN number or the last payment amount available, that information should be provided. A valid telephone number where the business owner can be reached is necessary when registering. When creating a User ID, there are no guidelines, but the User ID must be unique to the system. Passwords must have a minimum of eight characters, no more than 20 characters and contain both letters and numbers, including an uppercase letter.

The business owner must also select security questions to assist him if he forgets his User ID and password. Once all of the other information is successfully submitted, the owner receives an email asking him to verify his account. For the account to become active, the owner must click on the verification link provided.

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