What Steps Does a Person Have to Take to Lease Land in Texas for Hunting?


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To lease land in Texas for hunting, decide what type of game to hunt, how long the lease is needed and what general location is best. Find a suitable site, negotiate with the landowner, sign a contract or reach a verbal agreement, and pay for the land use.

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Because very little public land is available for hunting in Texas, hunters enter into land lease agreements with owners to hunt on private property. Hunters must first decide what type of game they are after, as Texas is filled with many animals, such as deer, antelope, feral hogs, turkeys and pheasants. Land leases vary in duration from one or a few days, a season or the full year. The region the hunter chooses to lease land in depends on what game the hunter wants to go after. To locate suitable land, try word of mouth in the area of interest, the local classifieds listings or websites that match hunters and land owners.

Once discovering a potential location, scout it out by taking time to roam the land. Have a discussion with the landowner about his policies on vehicles, guests, the use of utilities, the placement of blinds and other matters. If the land and the price are suitable, come to an agreement. Some landowners draw elaborate written contracts, while others believe that a handshake is just as binding.

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