What Are the Steps to Organizing a Career Day?

What Are the Steps to Organizing a Career Day?

Steps to organizing a career day include getting suggestions from the student body, inviting guest speakers, collecting student questions and asking speakers to bring props. Career days help students with planning their careers and selecting courses.

Speak to the student body to find out the most popular career options for students. This helps to make the event interesting and relevant and ensures positive participation.

Choose the most popular careers and invite guest speakers to make presentations. It may be difficult to find professionals willing to take time out of work to speak to students. As a rule of thumb, invite twice the number of professionals needed to ensure that enough volunteers attend the event.

Gather questions from students on what they would like to know about their favorite careers. Select the most popular and interesting questions and email or hand them to the speakers before their presentations. The speakers may end their presentations answering questions or base their presentations on the questions asked.

Encourage the volunteers to bring props such as dummies, skeletons, sirens and police vehicles to make the presentations more visual and interesting. Encourage speakers whose jobs do not involve props to prepare interesting stories or use multimedia presentations. Ask for referrals from other teachers where possible to find the most interesting, animated and well-spoken personalities to make the career day a success.