What Steps Has National Grid Electric Taken to Be Environmentally Friendly?


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National Grid Electric has taken steps to be environmentally friendly by protecting wildlife and wetlands, conserving natural resources, developing solar power and reducing pollution. The company also strives to minimize climate change, reduce its emissions and carbon footprint, and promote environmental awareness in local communities.

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National Grid Electric has helped to protect a 360-acre wildlife preserve in Salisbury, Massachusetts, and they have supported the protection of several species of wildlife. The business is a member of the Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership, which works with local governments and state and federal agencies to restore and preserve aquatic habitats. National Grid Electric has donated land to help conserve natural resources, and it actively promotes planting and caring for trees. The company is working to develop new solar power projects in Massachusetts that aim to add 5 megawatts of available power. Site remediation and spill prevention programs and an active recycling program are part of National Grid Electric's efforts to reduce pollution.

National Grid Electric works to minimize climate change by supporting the Renewable Energy Trust Fund and educates customers to help them use energy more efficiently. Lowering emissions from power plants and reducing the business's carbon footprint are stated goals of National Grid Electric. The company offers educational materials to schools that promote awareness about energy and the environment.

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