What Are the Steps for ISO Certification?


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While the exact steps for obtaining International Organization for Standardization certification vary depending on the specific set of standards in question, the general process involves demonstrating adherence to all of the practices and concepts that appear in the official documentation to an accredited certification body. This may include on-site inspections, the submission of products to a testing facility, or interviews of company personnel by the certifying organization.

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ISO is an independent organization that develops a variety of standardized processes across numerous industries and sectors in order to offer a uniform method for completing specific actions in a business or governmental setting. The organization only creates and maintains the standards and does not offer certification for them itself, though it does oversee a commission that allows for other entities and companies to issue certificates of compliance. Due to the varying nature of each set of standards, the processes and requirements for certification can vary significantly both between standards and certifying bodies.

Regardless of the differences, obtaining certification for an ISO standard involves showing the issuing body a thorough understanding and implementation of the concepts across the company. This typically involves one or more members of the certification organization visiting the company and its relevant locations, such as a warehouse or manufacturing plant, to check that each aspect of the standards is in place. Certain employees at the company may also need to answer questions or take tests to complete the process.

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