What Are the Steps Involved in Starting a Pet Sitting Business?

What Are the Steps Involved in Starting a Pet Sitting Business?

Forming the business, considering insurance, getting the word out and keeping detailed records are some of the steps involved in starting a pet sitting business. Other steps include pricing services and obtaining a signed contract.

Before accepting clients, an individual must register for a business license. He should contact a business advisory group or the local city hall to find out about the requirements. The individual can operate the business as a limited liability company or a sole proprietorship.

A person starting a pet sitting business should consider insurance. The insurance policy protects the business owner from legal action if the pet gets hurt or causes damage while under his care.

Getting the word out is the next step. The individual can design business cards or flyers and place them in vet clinics, pet stores and supermarkets among other places. He can also give business cards to potential clients or create a website with detailed information about his services.

Keeping detailed records is important for a pet sitting business. Therefore, the individual should have a contact sheet where clients can put their contact details. The sheet should also record information about the pet such as color, breed, date of birth and health history among others.

The person starting a pet sitting business should set prices for the services offered. The prices usually depend on the number of visits required in a day. The individual can visit competitors for an idea of the market rate in the area of operation. Offering competitive rates can make the business successful.