What Are the Steps for Giving CPR?


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Untrained individuals call 911 and then begin hard, fast chest compressions as recommended by the American Heart Association. The technique, called hands-only CPR, involves giving a heart attack victim 100 chest compressions per minute until emergency responders arrive.

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What Are the Steps for Giving CPR?
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After calling 911, a bystander should lay the victim on his back, notes Mayo Clinic. Next, the helper should kneel next to the victim's neck and shoulders to get the proper angle for chest compressions. A bystander needs to place the heel of the hand over the center of the person's chest, and then place the second hand on top of the first. Finally, the first responder should push straight down about 2 inches into the chest while keeping elbows locked and using the entire force of body weight.

Bystanders should first call 911 first and give the location of the victim before answering questions given by the dispatcher, says the American Heart Association. Dispatchers can give instructions for performing CPR to people on the scene. The person can also inform first aid responders when help arrives. The next step involves giving the victim hard and fast chest compressions in the center of the chest. The group recommends pushing down to the beat of the 1970s disco song "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. CPR doubles a person's chance of survival until he arrives at a hospital.

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