What Are Steps to Take for Employee Empowerment?


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The first step to employee empowerment is to hand over some control to your employees. Empower your employees effectively, trust in their motivation and abilities, and appreciate them.

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  1. Give power to your employees

    Empower your employees by first relinquishing some of your power to them. Be consistent by letting your employees exercise control in both low-risk and high-risk situations.

  2. Empower your employees effectively

    Play a managerial role by allowing employees to take charge, while guiding them in the right direction. Delegate work effectively rather than doing everything yourself. Develop and refine your skills to help delegate work effectively.

  3. Motivate your employees

    Motivate your employees by encouraging them to share their ideas. Build their confidence through training, mentoring and delegating smaller tasks to build on their proficiency. Listen and act on employee feedback to show them that their input is valued.

  4. Trust in your employees' abilities

    Trust that your employees are capable of handling tasks on their own. Coach and train the employees who do not have the necessary training or skills to perform tasks independently. Build up your employees' skills by enrolling them in developmental courses and seminars.

  5. Appreciate your employees

    Appreciate your employees, and reward them for their success and motivation. Simply thanking employees for a job well done goes a long way to improve their motivation.

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