What Are the Steps to Doing Taxes Online?


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Filing personal federal taxes online involves gathering tax-related documents, determining the applicable forms to complete, entering the information requested and submitting online, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Some of the factors that impact which forms are right for each person are total income, sources of income and marital status.

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Receipts, medical records and W-2 forms provided by an employer are examples of documentation needed to file taxes, according to the IRS. Any other documents that pertain to income and deductions are also necessary. Individuals need to file a form 1040EZ, 1040 or 1040A available from the IRS, and should carefully consider each form's instructions in order to choose the correct one.

After preparing documents and forms, it is possible to enter tax information into online software or forms, states the IRS. As of 2015, free software is only available to those who make under a designated annual income. Those with a higher income can pay for alternative software or use free online forms. The next step is to enter information according to all prompts and instructions. After entering the information and checking for accuracy, taxpayers can sign and submit the forms electronically, by creating a PIN or entering the previous year's adjusted gross income.

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