What Are Some Steps to Creating a Company Name?


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Steps for creating a company name include making a list of its key features and services, compiling several possible names that evoke the appropriate feelings and impressions, and checking the availability for each one on social media sites and public domain registration sites. The process also involves examining the visual style of the name and thinking about the way it may appear in other formats.

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Begin creating a company name by thinking about its purpose and the benefit it offers to customers, focusing on the products it sells, the services it offers and its overall mission statement. These concepts should lead to different terms, adjectives and phrases that match up and express the goals clearly and effectively. Experiment with different combinations of these words to find options that match the company's purpose without being too long to accommodate the variety of needs for a business. It is also important to say the name out loud to identify any unintentional phrasings or sounds.

After making a list of possible names, check a domain search site to see what URLs are available. In most cases, the website address for a company should be its complete name with the .com top-level domain. If the domain is available, test the applicable social media sites to see if the name fits character restrictions and is also available there. The name also needs to look appropriate written in all lower-case letters.

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