What Are the Steps for Building a Log Cabin?

What Are the Steps for Building a Log Cabin?

The steps for building a log cabin include gathering the wood for the cabin, cutting the wood into the proper shape, and raising the cabin's walls. The builder must make plans to accommodate nonwood items in the cabin such as a chimney, bathroom or flooring.

While the specific steps to building a log cabin vary depending on the type of design the builder chooses, all log cabins begin with choosing and assembling the wood needed to build the log cabin. If the builder cuts his own trees, he must cut leaves and limbs off the logs and strip the logs of their bark.

The builder must choose a foundation which might include building the cabin on stilts. Once the floor is in place, the builder must notch the logs that comprise the walls. The walls of the cabin rise according to a predetermined plan to pattern the logs so that they stay securely in place.

Some log cabins resort to premade rafters and commercial sheathing, but other builders use log gables to create a self-supporting roof. The builder must take care during construction to ensure that the roof does not leak. The builder must also leave room for a stove pipe so that the cabin's occupants have options to heat the cabin during cold weather.

Finally, the builder must construct a door or doors for the cabin. If the builder desires, he then adds electricity, plumbing, and any fixtures such as appliances or electronics. Often, the builder also constructs a durable road leading to the cabin so that occupants have easy access to the cabin with a vehicle. The builder also might dig for a well so the cabin has a nearby water source.