What Are the Steps to Becoming an Accountant?


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Steps required to become an accountant include earning a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field of study, choosing a specialty, and accepting an entry level accounting position. Taking the Certified Public Accountant Exam and earning a master's degree in accounting increases employment opportunities.

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Aspiring accountants can choose to earn degrees in accounting, business, finance, auditing or taxation. Basic accounting degree programs cover universal accounting principles and financial recordkeeping processes used in private business, government and income tax preparation. A business degree allows students to learn various aspects of accounting along with finance, management and marketing. Having a business degree gives new accountants more options for seeking employment. A degree in finance puts students on track to work in financial fields such as banking, stock market investment and money management.

Majoring in auditing is a way to learn how to audit financial information, collect documentation and organize the information into evidence that is useful in business and government. A taxation degree is a good choice for students seeking to work in the field of tax accounting or tax law. Interested students should focus on specializing in a specific area of accounting, such as corporate, managerial or environmental accounting. If earning CPA certification is a goal, the student should study for the CPA exam, meet all requirements and pass each portion of the four-part exam.

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