Does a Stepparent's Income Count Towards Income Eligibility for the 21st Century Scholar Program?


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According to the 21st Century Scholars Program official website, in determining income eligibility for the 21st Century Scholar Program, a stepparent’s income is included if he or she physically resides in the same household as the applicant. The program considers all sources of income for each household member when determining the applicant's eligibility.

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As of 2014, to qualify for the 21st Century Scholar scholarship program, the applicant's maximum annual household income cannot exceed $28,694 for a household size of two, and this can increase by $7,437 with each additional person. If the applicant resides in two separate households due to joint physical custody arrangements between parents, the applicant can choose the residence where he resides at the time when he submits the scholarship application.

A student with a household income that exceeds the maximum for eligibility can reapply if the family is anticipating a decrease in household income. Once enrolled, if there is an unexpected change in income, such as an increase, this will not affect a student’s eligibility. However, household income changes might alter the amount of the scholarship award. In some cases, the family's income may qualify a student for supplemental federal aid. If the student is eligible for government aid, he can receive federal grant money in addition to the 21st Century Scholar scholarship funds.

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