How Does Stein Mart's Bill Payment System Work?


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Paying bills online for a Stein Mart credit card requires logging in with a username. Users can access and manage their accounts at any time with Internet access.

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Before being able to pay their credit card bills online, cardholders have to register and activate their cards. Only primary account holders can register cards. They have to have their credit cards in their possession.

Cardholders first enter their account number on a secure form at SteinMartCredit.com. Next, they have to validate the number. The third step is selecting security questions and answers. Account holders also choose a password. Finally, they select an image for when they first log in to account services.

Next, account holders have to activate their cards online. This involves inputting their usernames into the correct form and following the instructions on the website.

When account holders want to pay their Stein Mart credit card bills online, they access their account via the card member login page. First, they input their user identification. If using a secure connection, they can choose to have the site remember their usernames. The site then takes them to the personalized image they chose when registering their accounts. Once account holders verify that it's the chosen image – and so the correct website – they input their password. This takes them to the account management section of the site, where they can pay their bills.

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