How Are Steel Buildings Built?


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Following the fabrication and delivery of steel materials to the work site, construction teams position column bases to create a solid foundation and erect steel buildings using cranes to place steel components in position. Following this, the team aligns the structure and completes the bolted connections, producing a steel structural frame.

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Professional steel construction contractors typically make use of a planning phase between the fabrication and work site delivery steps. This step ensures that the materials, once delivered, meet all the needs of the construction organizer. Planning typically involves three steps: a work-through of the practical erection sequence, arranging of the parts for simplicity of assembly and an overview of logical trade sequences used on the work site.

Steel construction contractors make use of four design factors to minimize cost and increase efficiency when erecting steel buildings. Repetition of the building type and standardization of connections help ensure that laborers work quickly and effectively. Contractors leave room for achievable tolerances so as to prevent the need for additional last-minute engineering. Contractors also choose between simple or rigid-jointed frames in order to save time and energy when erecting buildings and choose a viable flooring system that works with the design of the building without costing too much time, energy or resources.

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