How Do I Steam Open a Sealed Envelope?

How Do I Steam Open a Sealed Envelope?

Steaming open an envelope is an easy method of knowing the contents without leaving any noticeable evidence to the recipient. All you need is water, stove, a pot, an oven mitt and the sealed envelope.

  1. Fill the pot with an inch and a half of water

    Too much water takes more time to boil, and too little water in the pot evaporates before you have sufficient steam.

  2. Turn on the stove on high heat

    High heat causes the water to boil more quickly.

  3. Wait for the water in the pot to boil

    Attempting to steam the envelope before the water is boiling is ineffective.

  4. Put on the oven mitt, and steam the envelope

    Hold the envelope flap down over the boiling water in the path of the steam for 30 seconds to allow the glue to dissolve.

  5. Let the envelope cool slightly before opening

    After the envelope cools for about 15 seconds, gently open the envelope using a thin knife under the seal. If the seal is still resistant, steam the envelope for a few more seconds to loosen it.

  6. Examine contents and replace carefully

    After reading the contents, fold the paper using its original creases, and place it back in the envelope.

  7. Reseal the envelope

    Wait for the original glued flap to dry. Seal it either by moistening what's left of the glue or applying a fine line of glue beneath the envelope edge.