What Are Some Stay-at-Home Jobs?

stay-home-jobs Credit: Betsie Van Der Meer/Taxi/Getty Images

There are various types of work from home employment to choose from, such as customer service support, virtual assistance, children’s party planner, mystery shopper, day care provider, gift basket maker, professional organizer, teacher, tutor and translation expert. There are many other types of jobs beyond these.

Many employers are highly motivated to hire staff that telecommute. It is beneficial to an organization because it reduces their fixed expenses, and it is easier to track worker productivity. The required skills are relatively basic; however, to gain access to the most lucrative fields, workers can enroll in a training program at a community college. Prospective workers shouldn't be discouraged if some of the jobs require special education and licensing – the trade-off is the job can generate higher earnings.

If a worker is inclined to run her own business, she can consider selling items on Amazon or eBay. The entry costs are low, and she can become established relatively easily. Selling Avon products is another alternative. People are able to make their own schedules, and it can be relatively easy if people leverage their social contacts.

Many fraudulent schemes prey on work from the home demographic; people shouldn't have to pay them to get a job. Before committing time and resources to a potential opportunity, be sure to review the organization thoroughly.