What Are Some Statistics About the Fast Food Industry?


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One interesting fact is that fast food industries based in the United States earned nearly $191 billion in revenue in 2013. As one of the fast food industry's leaders, McDonald’s serves approximately 18 billion people every year.

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Each year, the number of fast food establishments in the United States grows. When McDonald's was founded in 1955, it had only nine locations. By 2011, that number grew to over 33,000, according to Business Insider. In that same year, McDonald's also began plans to open 200 stores in China alone.

As fast food chains such as McDonald's expand into other countries, their menus also change and grow to reflect the local food. In Germany, the consumption and production of beer is a common practice associated with the country’s culture, so many McDonald's restaurants there serve beer. In India, much of the population is vegetarian or vegan due to religious reasons, so Indian McDonald's restaurants offer various meat-free foods.

The amount of money spent on fast food in the United States also increases year over year. In 1970, it was estimated that Americans collectively spent almost $6 billion on fast food each year. By the year 2006, that number increased to $142 billion collectively spent per year. This breaks down to $460 per person annually.

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