What States Offer UniCare Health Insurance Plans on Their Registries?


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The UniCare State Indemnity Plan accepts Massachusetts doctors and hospitals, and PLUS Plan members can access participating UniCare network providers in Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and parts of Connecticut, according to the company. The UniCare website offers a Provider Finder search tool to help members find participating providers in these states. Some out-of-state providers can attend to members' urgent medical care needs while traveling.

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Unicare offers three health insurance options: the Basic plan, the Community Choice plan and Medicare Extension Plan, according to Unicare. The Community Choice plan is available only to Massachusetts residents; it covers any Massachusetts doctor but limits hospital coverage to its 55 participating Massachusetts hospitals. The Basic plan has no member residency requirement and can be used for doctors and hospitals throughout the world; however, bills are higher if the health care provider is not a UniCare network provider. The Medicare Extension Plan has no member residency requirement and can be used anywhere but is limited to Medicare-eligible members and Medicare participating providers.

Unicare is a health insurance plan funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the benefit of Group Insurance Commission members and retirees, according to the company. The commission provides health insurance and other benefits to Massachusetts state employees and retirees as well as personnel from redevelopment authorities, housing authorities, municipalities and school districts, according to the state Executive Office of Administration and Finance.

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