Which States Have Molina Healthcare?

As of January 2015, Molina Healthcare offers Medicare health plan options to residents of California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin, reports the company on its official website.

Molina Healthcare has a particular focus on low-income families and individuals and those covered by government programs. They have direct-delivery medical clinics as well asa health information management solution. According to the official website, Molina Healthcare offers a range of health care plans such as Medicaid, Molina Medicare, Integrated Medicaid/Medicare and Molina Marketplace, which is typically known as an Exchange in other facilities.

Under the Medicaid plan, Molina Healthcare works in conjunction with the government to give members who qualify for government-sponsored programs a wide variety of health care services. Molina Medicare is for members with Medicare or coverage for both Medicare and Medicaid. Those under the Medicare plan have access to a selection of doctors, hospitals and other providers as well as high-quality benefits and programs at the lowest out-of-pocket cost possible, according to the company.

There is an Integrated plan, combining the characteristics of both Medicaid and Medicare that is centered entirely around the member. There is also the Marketplace plan, which allows members to keep their provider as they transition from Medicaid.