Which States Have the Highest Average RN Salaries As of 2015?


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As of 2015, registered nurses practicing in California make the most on average of all nurses in the United States, earning about $94,000 per year. Hawaii was second on this list: the average salary of a registered nurse in Hawaii is over $84,000 per year.

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Registered nurses in Massachusetts earn slightly less money than those in Hawaii, bringing in around $83,000 yearly or about $40 an hour. Alaskan registered nurses earn about $80,000 a year on average, giving them the fourth-highest salary. Registered nurses in Oregon make roughly $78,000 a year and have an average hourly wage of almost $38. At number six on this list, registered nurses in Nevada are expected to earn about $77,000 a year, while those practicing in New Jersey make $75,000 on average.

Registered nurses in the District of Columbia and Connecticut earn about $75,000, as do those practicing in the state of Washington. The average hourly wage of these nurses is about $36. A large number of high-paying jobs for registered nurses are in California, specifically in the areas of Santa Clara, Fairfield, Oakland and San Francisco. Registered nurses in these areas earn up to $120,000. The state with the lowest average salary for registered nurses is Iowa, with an average salary of $52,000.

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