In Which States Does AANTV Hold Real Estate Auctions?

AANtv mainly holds auctions in Florida and Arizona but it also often has properties in New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Utah, depending on demand. The network's most common shows are "Florida Home and Land Auction" and "Arizona Land Auction," and foreclosure-themed shows often feature properties from all over the United States.

AANtv holds real estate auctions every Saturday through Tuesday, and details about the properties, including video documentation, is available at The website also features "Buy it Now" properties, which are listed through the network and available at a fixed price. Properties for auction include homes, land, condos and commercial buildings and lots, and the network features new listings each week.

Bidders can watch AANtv live online, or through Dish, DirectTV, Time Warner and Bright House, and must be registered and verified. The schedule for the AANtv live shows, in addition to its eAuction bidding events, is available on the website's "Events" page.

Upon winning an auction, a 20 percent down payment is required immediately, and AANtv allows 15 days to complete the purchase in full. Real estate properties listed on AANtv are sold "as is," irrespective of the property inspection, and a buyer is required to do their own due diligence before bidding.