How Do You Find Your State's Directory of Blue Cross/Blue Shield Providers?

state-s-directory-blue-cross-blue-shield-providers Credit: Michael Ochs Archive/Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

As of 2015, Blue Cross Blue Shield provides an online directory of its U.S. providers at its National Doctor and Hospital Finder website. The directory allows users to search for providers based on either keywords or speciality. The site also provides a directory of urgent care facilities.

On Blue Cross Blue Shield's National Doctor and Hospital Finder website, you must first select whether you want to search by keyword or speciality. Regardless of which of these you choose, if you are a member and want to see which providers are available for your plan, enter the first three letters of your plan ID in the Already a Member text box. Alternatively, you can select your plan from the Choose Your Network list. Then enter your state or city in the Location text box, and indicate the number of miles from this location you want to search.

If you want to search by keyword, enter the terms in the Search by text box. If you want to search by speciality, start by selecting the first letter of the speciality, and afterward choose from a list. You may also refine your search by clicking the Add Filter button. Filters include patient ratings, languages spoken, gender and whether the provider accepts new patients.