How Do You Get a State Business Licence?

How Do You Get a State Business Licence?

The licensing and permit requirements may vary according to the location of the business, type of business and the government rules that apply to they particular type of business. One easy way of knowing the requirements, as well as process of obtaining a state business license, would be to visit the Small Business Administration (SBA) website, navigate to the links to the different state business licensing websites. Almost all forms of businesses will require permits or licenses to be able to operate legally, notes the SBA website.

While business licensing requirements may vary from state to state, some of them usually require similar types of licenses and permits. These include state business license, tax registration, occupational licenses, licenses for the sale of certain items and unemployment insurance, notes Find Law.

The following shows how to view the requirements and process for business licensing according to the state through the SBA website.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Use a Web browser to go to the SBA home page.

  3. Go to the State Licenses and Permits page
  4. Once on the SBA home page, mouse over the Starting & Managing option on the main menu bar to display the sub menu. Select and click on Obtain Business Licenses from the sub menu.

  5. Select a state
  6. Select a state where the business is located on the following page to view the requirements and licensing process.