What Is a Starting Wage at Menards?

The Glassdoor website lists starting salaries at Menards from approximately $7 to $12 per hour as of 2014. The retail giant offers wages on the lower end of the scale to its sales associates and cashiers, who average $9.38 per hour and $8.92 per hour, respectively.

Employees with no previous experience hired for a job at Menards are likely to begin working for the company as a sales associate or cashier. Department mangers, or other retail employees who have management experience, make about $11 to $14 per hour starting out with the company, with an average of $12.63 per hour. Assistant department managers are paid $12.22 per hour on average, whereas management trainees start at $10 to $14 per hour, or approximately $11.54 per hour.

People in the receiving area receive an average starting wage of $9.52 per hour, while morning stockers start at approximately $8.25 per hour. Head cashiers average $9.52 per hour, an improvement of approximately 60 cents an hour, according to Glassdoor.