What Is the Starting Wage at Lowe's?

The starting wage at Lowe's varies depending on the state and the work experience of the employee, but the average is approximately nine dollars an hour. The more work experience in a similar field or other related jobs changes an employee's pay because they require less training and can work with less supervision immediately. The benefits for a Lowe's full time employee includes paid vacation, 401k and health insurance.

The state a person lives in affects their pay because each state may have a different minimum wage. The national minimum wage is standard across the United States, but the state can require employers to pay more. This base pay model causes the employees pay to rise based on the scale used to factor in experience or the length of time on the job. If an employer gives a ten percent increase during a yearly evaluation, then the amount of the pay increase will vary depending on the employee's current pay rate. The position that a person applies for will also affect the starting pay rate. A manager position will pay more than a cashier position because it requires more experience, more hours and has more responsibilities as associated with it.