How Do You Get Started With a Vending Machine Route?


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Start a vending machine route business by determining the product to sell through the machines, securing locations for the units and purchasing the actual machines to install in each area. Owners also need to determine the maintenance and stocking fees for each machine, choose a method for collecting the funds and making payments to the entity housing the machine, and file the necessary paperwork to obtain a business permit.

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A vending machine route business consists of purchasing and installing machines in different locations to sell products directly to customers without the need for sales associates. The first step is to decide what type of product to sell, such as candy, food items, bicycle repair equipment or electronics. Once you identify a product and research the available market to determine the demand, reach out to local stores and community centers to discuss placing your machines within the establishments. Some locations may charge flat monthly rent that covers the cost of electricity, while others may ask for percentages of the sales.

Choose the style and model of machine that matches your product, and deliver it to the locations, stocking it with the products and testing it to make sure it works. Set a budget for machine repairs and a schedule for checking each unit, which should coincide with the schedule for restocking the products and collecting funds. Also make sure to obtain the appropriate licenses to sell the products in that area and to operate as a business.

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