How Do You Get Started in Stock Trading?

To get started in stock trading, determine how much decision-making control you wish to have and how much you wish to invest, select a broker, fund the account, and initiate a trade, notes the Houston Chronicle. Investors can trade on their own or employ professional financial experts.

Extensive research on stocks, bonds or mutual funds helps investors to achieve financial goals, states the Houston Chronicle. Investors must also consider the amount of capital to invest, as certain brokerages allow for borrowing funds in addition to the cash on hand.

There are numerous online brokerage accounts such as Schwab, Scottrade, TradeStation and Fidelity that all offer the ability to buy and sell stocks, notes Nasdaq. Each brokerage has its own commission structure and unique trading features.

Investors can also learn about stock trading by reading information contained in daily publications such as the Wall Street Journal, according to the Houston Chronicle. There are also several social networking groups that foster discussion among members. Investors can also subscribe to newsletters to receive periodic information about stock prices and trends. Finally, investors can build sample portfolios based on stocks that draw interest. Monitoring this portfolio on a three-month basis can help assess financial performance and instill confidence to make investment decisions.