How Do You Get Started With Potato Farming?


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To start potato farming, purchase potato seeds in early spring, set the seeds in an area with light and warm temperatures until they begin sprouting, and cut the potatoes into small pieces before planting. Dig trenches in rows, plant the potatoes and keep them watered throughout the summer. When the plants stop flowering, harvest them after two or three weeks.

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Potatoes thrive in light, loose and well-drained soils with a PH of 5 to 7. Since potato seeds do not grow until the soil temperature reaches 45 degrees Fahrenheit, wait for a season with a full sun to begin planting. After purchasing the potato seeds, set them in an area with temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit to initiate the sprouting process. Slice the large potatoes into small pieces and ensure that each piece has one or two buds before planting.

To begin planting, cultivate the soil to remove weeds and loosen the soil. Dig trenches that are 6 to 8 inches deep in rows spaced about 3 feet apart. Set the potato pieces with the buds facing up and fill the trenches with about 4 inches of soil. Leave a spacing of 12 to 15 inches apart between the potato pieces. When the potatoes finish flowering, harvest the biggest ones and leave the smaller ones to grow.

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