How Do You Start up an Internet Cafe?

How Do You Start up an Internet Cafe?

To start an Internet café, create a business plan, register your business, purchase business insurance, lease a commercial space, purchase equipment, and determine your charges. Create and display a food-and-drink menu to promote your business.

  1. Create a business plan

    Write a detailed business plan that includes the types of services, food and drinks you are providing. Include startup costs, inventory, permits and business insurance in your business plan. Lastly, create an advertising plan, and detail employee duties.

  2. Register your business

    Contact your local U.S. Small Business Administration office, and find out the requirements to register a cybercafé. Apply for a business license, employer identification number and sales tax permit.

  3. Purchase business insurance

    Apply for business insurance that covers general, property and product liability. Purchase worker’s compensation insurance before hiring employees.

  4. Find a location

    Lease a commercial space that is large enough to hold inventory, computer stations, lounge areas and cash registers. Contact a trusted real-estate agent for help finding a suitable space.

  5. Purchase equipment

    Buy the necessary equipment, such as computers and furniture. Include computer product licenses, servers, virus software and other necessities. Find a trusted Web host provider, and sign up for Web-hosting services.

  6. Determine your charges

    Come up with a price list by factoring in fixed and variable operating costs. You may charge by the hour, minute or session. Create a food-and-drink menu with prices, and display it where it is visible to clients.