How Do You Start a Travel Franchise?


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To start a travel franchise, research and choose a travel franchise, pay the start-up costs, determine what services to offer, establish a location, create a website, purchase required insurance, procure marketing material and establish a client list. Start-up capital is required, and the process takes at least several months.

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  1. Research and chose a franchise

    Research franchise opportunities online through websites that provide lists of travel agency franchise opportunities and on travel agency websites. When comparing franchise opportunities, consider name recognition, start-up costs, on-going costs and the services offered by the franchise.

  2. Pay start-up costs

    Pay start-up costs required to obtain your chosen franchise. Start-up costs differ by franchise.

  3. Determine what services to offer

    Consider the potential revenue generated and time involved with providing each service as well as how each service fits into the franchise's business model. Services offered through travel franchises include transportation, hotel and resort reservations, cruise packages, tour packages, corporate travel, academic travel and senior travel.

  4. Establish a location

    Franchisees can lease retail space or work out of a home. To lease office space, contact a local commercial real estate agent.

  5. Create a website

    Create a website that describes the services you offer and provides contact information, customer testimonials and online booking.

  6. Purchase required insurance

    Purchase general liability or home-based business insurance with sufficient limits to protect your assets. If you hire employees, worker's compensation insurance will also be required.

  7. Procure marketing materials

    Marketing materials may be provided through the franchise, but you may need to create your own.

  8. Build a client list

    Build a client list through advertisements, social networking, social media and cold calling.

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