How Do You Start a Transportation Service?


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Start a transportation service by determining the specific nature of the company and then formulating a business plan that outlines your unique value proposition, target demographic and an analysis of your competition. Also obtain the appropriate licences and certifications to operate the vehicles, register the business with your local tax board and begin marketing the company.

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Begin by choosing a specific sector of the transportation industry to focus on a single target market and on one segment rather than spreading the business too thin and wasting time and money unnecessarily. This is also important because different types of transportation companies require different documentation and licenses. For example, a private passenger transportation company may need liability insurance, whereas a cargo transportation company can call for a commercial driver's licenses and other certification to handle different types of materials.

After choosing the segment of the transportation industry in which you wish to operate, determine what makes your company stand out from the competition. This involves studying other companies in the field to see what features or services they advertise most as well as pinpointing the areas in which they are lacking. By differentiating your business from others, you can create a targeted marketing plan that allows you to promote the company more efficiently and make realistic growth and cost projections.

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