How Do You Start a Taxi Business?

How Do You Start a Taxi Business?

To start a taxi cab business, learn about the competition; purchase the vehicles; obtain a commercial driver's license and insurance; establish a central location; and advertise the business. You need decals, toplight signs, meters and bright paint to operate your business.

  1. Research the competition

    Determine if there is a need for a taxi company in your area. Make a list of your competitors and find out what they are charging. Find ways to stand out from the competition by lowering your rates and providing additional services, such as airport shuttles.

  2. Purchase the cars and equipment

    Find cars that have been tailor-made for a taxi service. Look for cars that are clean and roomy enough for luggage. Modify the car with toplight signs and meters, if necessary.

  3. Get the proper licensing and insurance

    Apply for a commercial driver's license at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Register the car, and ask about any necessary inspections. Get a business license from your local clerk's office. Find out how much insurance you need to cover your commercial cabs.

  4. Choose a location

    Pick a central location that houses the cars and other equipment.

  5. Hire staff members

    Employ drivers and other staff members to manage the business. Hire drivers who already have a commercial driver's license, taxi-driving experience and impeccable driving records.

  6. Market your business

    Advertise your business in phone books, newspapers or the Internet. Hand out fliers, and entice more customers with coupons.