How Do You Start a T-Shirt Design Business?


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To start a T-shirt design business, choose a niche, decide on the design themes, and create an interesting brand. The first stages of starting a T-shirt business involve the business and legal aspects, such as narrowing down the target market, considering advertising options and knowing exactly how to brand the business.

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The niche is one of the most important things to consider with a T-shirt design business, since it determines the types of T-shirts and the designs to be used. Narrow the niche market as much as possible, instead of just making designs for anyone and everyone. The target market might be women in their 30s and 40s who like to hold on to their youth with funny T-shirt slogans or children in middle school with school-appropriate designs that are also fun to wear. After choosing a niche, make a list of types of designs that would be appropriate for that target market.

When it comes to the actual designs of the T-shirts, they need to be creative, original and a fun choice for the target market. Do some research by looking at other T-shirt companies to be sure none of the designs are similar to those. This allows them to be completely original. Decide whether you intend to do all the designs yourself or hire a design team. Once the designs are ready, decide on a printing method, and focus on branding and advertising.

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