How Do You Start a T-Shirt Company?


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To start a T-shirt company, research the market, make a business plan, study the competition, create the shirt designs, have the shirts manufactured, and set business goals. You need plenty of start-up capital to run a T-shirt business.

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  1. Conduct research

    Research such things as clothing brands and the market as a whole.

  2. Plan the business

    Decide if you're going to sell your T-shirts online or on-site. Determine what type of shirts you're going to sell and if there is a demand for them. Outline who your target consumers are, and craft a marketing plan to gain more exposure. Formulate a business plan detailing your vision, goals and operating plan.

  3. Assess the competition

    Find out what other companies are charging and how your competitors are advertising. Test the quality of your shirts by getting honest opinions from people in your target demographic.

  4. Keep track of finances

    Find out the cost overhead from the making the shirts from several printers. Include the costs of labeling, bagging and hang tagging. Calculate the costs of shipments and packaging.

  5. Find partners

    Find business partners to help you run the business.

  6. Establish goals

    Outline how many shirts you want to sell in the first week, month or year.

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