How Do You Start a Sober Living Home?

To start a sober living home, develop a business plan, construct a budget and then market the business to relevant patients. Sober living homes can serve a variety of purposes, so the process of starting the business varies depending on the circumstances.

  1. Develop a business plan

    Defining the market, making financial decisions and establishing a purpose are all essential components of creating a successful sober house. Sober houses can serve males, females, alcoholics and even gamblers. In addition, the property can either be owned or rented. Potential locations should also be mapped out. Combine all of these factors into a detailed summary so that there is a defined business plan associated with the concept.

  2. Construct a budget

    All income and expenses associated with the sober house need to be put into perspective. Income includes any fees related to membership in the sober house. Expenses can include rent, mortgage, utilities and insurance. A financial model should be prepared to determine the number of patients needed to generate a profit with considerations of all income and expenses.

  3. Market to relevant patients

    An effective marketing program considers geography and demographics. Certain sober houses emphasize the purpose of serving as a bridge between inpatient care and complete independence. Others are marketed as actual substitutes for inpatient care. Collaboration with hospitals and medical institutions can also help with business promotion. A marketing program that incorporates these factors can help with public outreach.