How Do You Start Single Mom Support Groups?


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Starting single mom support groups begins with making a list of friends, acquaintances, family members and colleagues who are single mothers. Choose an appropriate venue for holding your meetings, then make flyers that advertise your group and its activities. Create an agenda for the meeting, and arrange a way to communicate with the group members about group activities in the future.

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  1. Network to find members

    Make a list of potential group members by listing all single mothers in your area. Ask colleagues and friends to give you names of single moms they know. Contact the members on the list, and ask them to spread news about the existence of your group.

  2. Choose a venue

    Decide where you want to hold meetings for your group. The meetings can be held in restaurants or private residences. Other possible venues are public libraries, community halls or even local coffee shops. Determine if childcare will be provided at the meetings, as this affects the choice of venue.

  3. Plan the agenda

    After advertising your group, prepare an agenda for the initial meeting. Allow members to share what is working for them in specific areas and how they stand to benefit from the group. Collect every member’s contact information and email address to facilitate communication on matters affecting the group.

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