How Do You Start a Roofing Business?


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To start a roofing business, create a business plan, obtain the required business permits and licenses, and acquire the necessary roofing equipment and supplies. It is also essential to purchase adequate insurance, particularly a surety bond.

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A business plan is important when applying for a business loan, and typically includes a mission statement, description of the business structure, pricing information, financial details and marketing strategies. It helps to enlist the help of a business consultant or visit the U.S. Small Business Administration’s website to get an idea of how to write a quality business plan.

The next step is to get local business permits from the town or city hall. Individuals who intend to operate in multiple locations should acquire planning, zoning and safety inspection approvals. Other requirements include sales permits, state tax registrations and business structure documents. The official website of the Internal Revenue Service shows information on how to apply for taxpayer and employer identification numbers.

State business regulation departments or licensing offices provide state contracting licenses for roofing companies. Some states may require an applicant to get multiple licenses depending on the type of roofing services he is qualified to offer. Typical equipment roofing businesses use a work vehicle, roofing tools, safety gear, ladders and scaffolding. Business owners sometimes rent hydraulic lifts, cranes or other costly equipment.

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