How Do You Start a Resume?


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Begin a resume by listing your legal name, followed by your contact information, at the top of the page. Include your phone number, email address and home mailing address so that potential employers can contact you to schedule an interview.

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Make sure that your contact information is accurate before you submit your resume. Use an email address with your first and last name rather than one with a fun nickname or a series of random numerals, and make sure that your voicemail system or answering machine has a professional greeting.

Resume formats vary, but some people place an objective section or an interest-grabbing statement directly below their name and contact information. Using one or two sentences, briefly describe what you can offer the company or what type of position you are seeking. After completing your statement, you can delve into more details about your skills in a section titled "qualifications." List your qualifications on separate lines, and use bullet points to organize each skill. Full sentences are not necessary for this section.

Job seekers often type resumes on white paper and stick with simple fonts. Avoid colored or hard-to-read fonts, and do not include photographs or other graphics on your resume. Consider submitting a cover letter with your resume so that a hiring manager can learn more details about your qualifications and previous work experience.

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