How Do You Start a Publishing Company?


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To start a publishing company, identify the target market, converse with industry experts, create a business plan, raise funds and set up distribution networks within the target market. Publishing companies issue books, newspapers, magazines and other materials for publication for the general public.

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The first step in starting a publishing company is to identify the target market. Knowledge of the defined market segment enables an entrepreneur to create a niche and reap profits by serving a particular interest group.

The second step is to converse with industry experts, including writers, admen and printers in order to gain sufficient knowledge of the business. Consider making electronic copies, or e-books, along with printed versions of all books.

After doing adequate research, the third step in creating a publishing house is to create a meticulous business plan. The plan highlights funds required to keep the business afloat before breaking even, stating cash-flow statements, monthly income and expenses, advertising rates, projected subscription numbers, and many more essential components. It provides a blueprint of the financial side of the company.

Raising funds for the business is the next crucial step. This is done by borrowing from friends, family members, savvy investors and banks. Find people who are willing to support the vision of the publishing company.

Once this is done, set up distribution networks within the target market. For example, a magazine about skydiving may do well if marketed in a shop that provides the experience of skydiving or other adventure sports to customers. Acquire unique ISBN and bar codes for the books in order to make it easier to raise invoices, track shipment of books and catalog them.

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