How Do I Start My Own Transportation Business?

Starting your own transportation business requires developing a business plan, acquiring finances, hiring employees, purchasing vehicles and setting up business facilities. You must also apply for a business license and register your business.

  1. Develop a business plan

    Develop a business plan with defined goals and objectives for your company. Calculate expenses and research the market in your area.

  2. Secure financing and acquire vehicles

    Present your business plan to lenders to obtain financing for your company. Use the funds to purchase vehicles for your company, and install any meters, safety equipment and communications equipment you deem necessary.

  3. Hire employees

    Hire the employees you need to run your business. Ensure new hires possess the licensing required by your state and local regulations, such as a driver's or chauffeur's license. Drivers may need a commercial license with a passenger endorsement if transporting more than 16 passengers at a time.

  4. Register your business

    Register your business through your state's Secretary of State office. Pay applicable taxes and fees. Obtain a federal and state employer identification number for your business for tax purposes.

  5. Set up business facilities

    Obtain a business office and storage garage for vehicles. Acquire office equipment and communication equipment to stay in contact with drivers.

  6. Apply for business license

    Obtain a business license to operate in your local municipality. If your state requires you to have a taxicab license, apply for this as well, and pay all applicable fees. Display the proof of licensing within your transportation vehicles.