How Do You Start Your Own Mobile Car Wash Service?


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The first step in starting a mobile car wash business is to acquire the appropriate licenses and permits from state or city governments. Individuals should study the regulatory requirements for keeping their business licenses.

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Next, individuals should invest in the equipment needed for mobile car washing. The first component is a working van for mobile service. Other crucial supplies includes soap, vehicle wax and tire shine. Multiple buckets, brushes and sponges are also needed. Though not indispensable, a portable water tank can bolster the car wash company's reach and versatility.

After stocking up on necessities, car wash entrepreneurs need to canvas many business sites to gain customers. The best customers are auto dealers and companies with fleets of company-owned vehicles, as these companies may want their vehicles cleaned on a regular basis. Limousine companies often need their fleets cleaned weekly. However, any workplace or business center may offer clients who need their vehicles cleaned on-site.

For a mobile car wash service, fliers and business cards are ideal for brand-building. Car wash services can build business with branded uniforms and custom vinyl van exteriors. From making cold sales calls to maintaining an outstanding website, active marketing is key to making any car wash service a success.

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