How Do You Start an Orthopedic Clinic?

How Do You Start an Orthopedic Clinic?

To start an orthopedic clinic, an individual needs to get a license to practice, choose a location, get funding, purchase equipment and furniture and get insurance coverage, as eHow indicates. The American Board of Orthopedic Surgery offers the license to practice to those who have worked in an orthopedic practice for at least two years and have completed their residency. However, individuals must pass the written and oral examinations given by the board.

Individuals should decide on the area where they want to have the clinic and look for office space. They should know the type of equipment needed and factor that when looking for office space, making sure the office space is not too large or too small, notes eHow.

Funding is needed to start the orthopedic clinic. Local financial institutions may be a good starting point. If the institutions decline to offer financial assistance, medical journals give recommendations for companies that give financial assistance to a new practice. Once a financier is found, the individual should have his lawyer go through the terms of repayment before putting a signature on the document, according to eHow.

Once there is funding from the financier, the business can buy equipment. Equipment that an orthopedic clinic requires includes examination tables, X-ray equipment, first aid supplies and electrocardiogram units among others, says eHow.

Clinic owners should Identify a reputable insurance broker and buy insurance coverage for the clinic. The broker should provide insurance coverage for the staff and insure the equipment. Malpractice liability insurance is also important to protect the business from lawsuits by patients in case of a mishap during an orthopedic procedure. The business then needs to hire qualified staff and open the clinic, explains eHow.