How Do You Start a Nanny Agency?


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Starting a nanny agency involves obtaining the appropriate business licenses, screening and interviewing nanny candidates, and developing a clientele. Nanny agencies earn money by charging clients for successful placement of nannies with families.

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  1. Obtain the proper licenses

    Every state has its own requirements regarding licensing for child care providers, which can include nanny agencies. Do the research to determine which licenses and permits are needed.

  2. Draw up client paperwork

    Create an application to screen clients and obtain information about their families. Make sure to ask how many children they have, the ages of the children, whether a live-in nanny is needed, and any other special requirements or duties needed. Work with an attorney to draw up contracts that outline the working agreement with the clients, including the fees they will pay.

  3. Screen nanny candidates

    Advertise for nanny candidates. Ask for professional references, training and resumes. Interview the best candidates to get a sense of each nanny's personality. Run a criminal background check on all candidates.

  4. Advertise for clients

    Once enough nannies have signed up, begin advertising for clients. Advertise at local preschools, kid's gyms and activity centers, and children's clothing stores. As nannies are placed successfully with clients, ask the clients to provide referrals for more clients.

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